The Spectrum Of Change

You have probably heard about Kaizen and continuous improvement, but do you know Kaikaku? and Kakushin?

Lean generally deals with change in three different ways that cover a full spectrum of change from continuous improvement to disruptive innovation.

Kaizen literally translates as “change for good” or “change for better. It implies that you keep improving in small and continuous increments. Your game improves by doing the same a bit better each day.

Kaikaku means “radical change” and it’s a leap you take from time to time to further push your limits. Your game improves by introducing or removing significant elements. It is a middle ground between continuous improvement and innovation but represents a turning point that can be easily identified.

Kakushin translates as “reform or innovation” and extends the range of improvement even further by changing the game you were playing until now and its rules. It has a greater cost but the expected reward is also higher.

The Spectrum Of Change Cheatsheet
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